Along with all the other fun and not so fun things on our list of things we wanted to get done over our week long Christmas vacation we added try new recipes to it at the last minute {the reason it's not on the "official" list}.....
 This actually got pushed till the last few days we were home. Mostly because we were exhausted and our kitchen was covered in dust up until the end of the week. What we did manage to try was definitely worth the wait! First up, French Toast. Alton Brown style. Here is the recipe. I do not have a picture of ours... probably because I was to busy scarfing it down. If you haven't gotten it by now we are obsessed with Alton. Talon watches EVERY episode of Good Eats. So far, all of his recipes that we've tried have turned out really good...so he is our current go to for new recipes.  We also tried his Sour Cream Cheese Cake.
The picture does not do it justice. So good. Did you guys cook up any new treats over the holidays? That was one of my favorite parts about this past holiday season...trying new recipes...cooking for family and baking sweet treats for friends. Now I miss Christmas. Only 11 more months!