Body Treatments - Rejuvenate Your Soul

Facials are wonderful, but they are nothing compared to an invigorating body treatment. Unlike facials, body treatments allow you to experience the same cleansing and exfoliating effects over your entire body, leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated - it's the perfect way to unwind and recover after a long, stressful week.

Types of Body Treatments

There are many different types of body treatments, and although they may vary from location to location, there are a few that are found in most spas around the world. They include:

• Body Scrubs - These involve rehydrating and smoothing the skin thanks to deep exfoliating procedures using various salt mixtures. Body scrubs not only tone your skin but they absorb toxins as well, leaving you feeling rejuvenated with beautiful, glowing skin.

• Body Masks - These treatments typically involve two steps, detoxifying and hydrating. In order to detoxify the skin, the body is covered with a unique blend of seaweed, algae or mud. Not only does this increase the body's metabolism but it also forces waste products out of the skin. The second step involves hydrating the newly detoxified skin by using specialized creams and lotions.

• Body Wraps/Detoxifying Wraps - This treatment is uniquely designed to restore a healthy body tone by wrapping the body in warm towels which allows a special blend of herbs to penetrate the skin. Not only does this treatment remove clogged pores, but it also eliminates toxins from the skin as well. Many spa goers seek out body wraps to treat cellulite or to temporarily lose weight for special occasions.

• Salt Glow Treatment - This treatment is particularly invigorating thanks to an exotic blend of aromatics, oil, and sea salt, which the massage therapist rubs into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and fragrant.

• Airbrush Tanning - If you want the sun-kissed glow that so many strive for, but don't want to damage your skin by exposing yourself to harmful UV rays, then this is the treatment for you.

• Herbal Moisturizing - If you suffer from chronically dry skin, then you should definitely consider an herbal moisturizing treatment. A unique blend of herbs are combined with a cream and massaged into the entire body, which rehydrates the skin and restores your natural glow.

• Vichy Shower - If you want to reconnect with nature, consider ordering a Vichy shower, which is a very soothing and invigorating treatment involving water massage, which aids the body in cleansing toxins by stimulating circulation and lymphatic flows.

If you are feeling tired and rundown, or your skin just doesn't glow like it used to, then head to your local spa and treat yourself to one of their many amazing body treatments, which will leave you feeling rejuvenated in body, mind and soul.