A Texas Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving in Texas visiting my sister and her wonderful family. It was a long 12 hour ride but went by pretty quickly when you have a back seat set up like this (and do not have to drive).
Once we got there we were greeted with a delicious meal to celebrate Thanksgiving! Probably the best turkey ever...
Along with lots and lots of sides...
And lots and lots of yummy wine....
The next day was filled with Black Friday shopping. No time for pictures...to busy scoring awesome deals:) We recovered on Saturday with football and more food...
Tal was the lone Alabamer fan. War Eagle!!
It was a great mini-vacay but we couldn't wait to get back and rescue this little pooch from puppy prison (aka the kennel). She was exhausted from her adventure....  
I hope every one's Thanksgiving was filled with lots of food and fun!

The KIIRA EV Unveiliing (UGANDA)

The official unveiling of Uganda's first electric car was marked by the President of Uganda, HE Yoweri K Museveni taking a drive in the lime green, 2 seat ,right hand drive vehicle. The Kiira EV as is its name is a proof of concept that showcases the brave new direction the development team wants to explore in the further. The team is to develop a production concept 30 seat commuter bus by 2013.

More information about the development in detail on the following link



First - So thankful that we worship such an amazing God. He has blessed Talon and I so much over the past year. To God be the glory!!

Second - These two. Sweet Tal and Tils. They make my world go round:) Third - Such loving parents.Fourth - My big ol' family that always produces a good time.Fifth - Great friends. Especially ones that will dress in awesome tacky Christmas attire.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas Bling.

I know that yesterday I said I was ready to move on to Thanksgiving. Ya know, since it is the closer holiday and all? But one more thing before that. Our office...all decked out with Christmas bling....I bought this star last year at Lowe's after Christmas for pennies. I've made a promise to myself to only buy Christmas decor in the weeks after Christmas. It's ridiculously inexpensive then.Lots of silver tidings for this one little tree...Including disco balls...every tree needs a disco ball.And a bowl full of bling for the other side to even all that blingeness out.
Now seriously....on to Thanksgiving:)

Tara Guerard: Champagne and Pink

Have you seen how Tara Guerard's set her dining table for Thanksgiving in this month's issue of Southern Living.  I'm head over heels for it and am loving this color combination of champagne and pink.

Don't you love the bench with the pink pillows?  How fun and unexpdcted!  In fact, I love this color palette so much it will be the inspiration for my daughter's quilt that my mother in law promised to make for her.

So pretty.

I love this tablecloth with the wide contrasting band!  So dramatic!

Ironed on monograms - brilliant!!  Love how the Lindt chocolates add the pop of pink!  Great styling. 

Love the self serve bar!

So, now I'm on the mad hunt for champagne colored fabric for Elizabeth's quilt!  If you have any recommendations, let me know!  

In the meantime, I wish you all a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.  

Around The House...Christmas Decor Favorites.

We got all of the Christmas decorating done over the weekend. Here are few of my favorite Christmas decor shots. Starting with our owl adorned with Christmas ornaments....Tillie's tiny stocking....Christmas dishware. I love this so much. It's so fun and festive...A tiny tree in a clam shaped bowl to festify our hallway....A beautifully monogrammed tree skirt to lay all of those presents on...
Though we are definitely in the Christmas spirit at the Woods home...we're taking a time out this week to give thanks for all that God has bless us with! Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!

Griswolds Please.

So excited to make our house look a little something like this over the weekend (maybe a tad toned down)...
So pumped for Christmas decorations...have a very merry weekend:)

AHHH. Christmas Cards.

SO excited for the holidays this year. We do not have many plans in December and I think that adds to the excitement. Just hanging out together by the Christmas tree is all I can think about:) Especially, now that I have knocked Christmas cards off the list. These things stress me out! There are SO many cute ones out there to choose from...The thought of so many people getting your photo on the card you chose....it stresses me to no end. I'm so weird. I've been browsing Shutterfly for two weeks in search of the perfect card. I've chosen to use Shutterfly because they seem to be the most reasonable in price. Especially after you use a couple of the million discount codes they send you. This is ours from 2010. It was also ordered from Shutterfly. We got so many compliments on the quality of it. So I did not hesitate to use them again.
I can't wait to start getting cards from everyone in the mail! If they just weren't so hard to pick out...

Small Prizes

I hope everyone had a fab weekend. Ours was pretty busy with family and such. I did a lot of cleaning to get ready for Christmas decorations next weekend --- CANNOT WAIT. We celebrated a family birthday on Sunday. I threw together a tiny gift for the birthday girl before we visited. I made a fresh batch of cookies {using the Nestle Toll House recipe on the back of the package} and bundled them in this adorable box....It's a generic gift box. I buy them in large quantities after Christmas every year for super cheap. I added a card with the Happy Birthday message and tied it all together with twine. Simple and sweet.
This would make the perfect gift this Christmas for co-workers and neighbors. So easy and inexpensive!

A Splash of Pink

I'm not sure it is because I have a little girl, but I'm falling head over heels for interiors with a splash of pink.  At first, I was convinced a pink sofa would be the right amount of pink to make me super happy!

But, after living with a pink sofa in our rental, I can tell you it is not ideal with little kids.  It takes only seconds for my son to finish his lunch and then go dive on the pink sofa with his greasy hands.  Hello stains!  So, I'm reconsidering a pink sofa (unless it is in our master bedroom, but I need to convince my husband of that!) and am now thinking of injecting a splash pink in other ways.

Hello pink chair!

Healthy Eating

We've been on quite the health kick at the Woods hizzy. I should rephrase that - I have been on quite the health kick. Talon was dragged in to it very unwillingly. Luckily, he has been uber supportive and isn't very picky when it comes to food. However, I may have jumped the gun by attempting to make this...I engulfed three pieces. Talon could barely stomach a bite. Maybe I was so pumped that it wasn't fish or chicken which is all we have been eating. That was my first attempt to venture out since our health adventure began. The pizza was a no go but on Wednesday we whipped up some Gnocchi that we both agreed was yummy. The greatest thing in the world...no. Better than fish and chicken...absolutely. Last night we were suppose to go out to dinner and our plans didn't work out. I made Talon waffles...which he was uber happy about. And I preceded to eat this...it looked so much better when I pinned it on pinterest {here}. I ended up scrapping off the tomatoes and basically eating low fat mozzarella cheese toast for dinner. Yum.On the menu for next week..... Buffalo Chicken Rolls. Only 103 calories a piece. Can't wait to try them. Obviously, I am in desperate need of good healthy meal ideas. Anybody got any good blogs or websites?

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