It's A.....


Meet Elizabeth Teagan born on Tuesday, September 27th!  And, in case you don't realize Elizabeth and I share the same birthday.  She graced us with her presence on my 40th!  What a miraculous gift. 

Our hearts are filled with joy!  God bless!

Burlap Art?

Not sure that you can call slapping burlap in to a frame art....but we will go with it. During dinner last night...I got slightly creative and decided to add something to those empty frames in our living room. I utilized the leftover burlap I had in my fabric drawer....I simply measured the burlap to be slightly larger than the mat insert....I made sure that you could not see any edges once it was flipped over....I first tried taping the burlap to the mat itself. This proved to be a bad idea. Once it was in the frame it was lumpy and didn't give the smooth surface I was looking for. Therefore, I taped it to the frame back. I eye balled it to make sure it would still fit correctly in my mat. There you have it....burlap art!The frames are RIBBA frames from IKEA. The burlap provides some texture and is slightly darker than the wall color.
I love a project that takes 20 minutes:)

OH Canada.

I went MIA for a week :) I took a last minute trip to Toronto for work last week. There was lots of work and zero time for blogging. Though the entire trip was a blast it was also very exhausting! All better now though. While in Toronto we did get to visit a few of the touristy sites...we had an event at The Hockey Hall of Fame where I got to show off my goalie skills.

And admire the Stanley Cup....We stayed in a hotel that was attached to the Rogers Center {where the Toronto Blue Jays play baseball}. The night we arrived the Blue Jays were playing the Yankees. Work gals...Emy and I ventured out on our own to go up the CN Tower....Very scary ride up but worth it for the awesome view.....

I missed Tal and Tils so much! Very happy to be home :)

Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Analise Ebaugh!!  You've won the Windows from Melissa's pillow covers giveaway!

Email Melissa ( with your contact details so she can mail you the beautiful pillow covers!!

Fall Trends

Today, I'm over at Loft & Cottage guest blogging while Casey is in Italy.  Come join me as I share this season's current trends.

Patiently Waiting...

My due date has come and gone and this little peanut is taking his/her sweet 'ol time.   I cannot believe the time will soon be here.  I am so excited to finally meet him/her - how long we've waited!!

In the meantime, I thought I'd post a few 'baby' finds that have me inspired....

The 'undiaper' bag

I would want to customize it, like this...

Baby Blankets


Baby Cord Shoes

Knit Hats